Wrapped Christmas Presents
Make it More Beautiful Under the Tree

Wrapped Christmas Presents are arguably the best gifts to find under the Christmas tree and in the stocking. You will find that the suspense factor is magnified with questions along the lines of what the box may hold inside its confines. Your Christmas tree is all the more festive because of the colorful wrapping paper used on the gifts as well.

Almost everything can be wrapped, of course, with the exception of certain food items that are best given in airtight containers. We are referring to preserves, jams and other baked that will easily spoil when left exposed to the air for lengthy periods of time. But for clothing items, high-tech gadgets and even small appliances, wrapping these gifts is the best presentation possible.

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Types of Wrappings

You have so many choices for Wrapped Christmas Gifts in terms of the wrapping itself. The trick is in choosing the right type of wrapping to reflect your intentions in giving the gift on one hand as well as the size, shape and nature of the present itself. You want to build up the suspense while giving your recipient a hint as to what is inside the box.

Your choices can include but should not be limited to the following examples. In many ways, your creativity can come to the fore when giving presents wrapped in unique wrappers.

• Conventional wrapping paper with holiday themes like sheer tissue paper, printed paper, and even cartolina paper

• Glossy printed magazines

• Square cloth, scarves and other fabric wrappings, Japanese-style

• Origami paper in various colors

• Baskets with opaque plastic covers

• Decoupage boxes

You can even recycle the papers, ribbons and other trimmings you received from last year's holiday season to make these season's Wrapped Christmas Gifts. Just try to remember not to give the same wrapping to the person who gave it to you in the first place.

Tips on Wrapping

But choosing the right kind of wrapper is not all there is to Christmas gifts. You must also make the whole package as presentable, even beautiful, as possible. Although the gift itself is the substance, you also want to balance it with beautiful form.

With that said, here are a few tips on Wrapped Christmas Presents:

• You have to ensure that the wrapper has sufficient allowance for the gift itself. It simply will not do for the wrapper to fall short of the gift by exposing significant parts of the latter. Unless, of course, that was your intention as is the case with baskets.

• You must choose the wrapper based on the weight of the gift. For example, homemade bottles of wine should be wrapped either in sturdy cloth or secure baskets lest these fall out and break on the floor.

In the end, your efforts in making holiday presents will be in vain should the gifts become broken by your own oversights. So, wrap your presents in a good way - safe, secure and still as pretty as can be.

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In conclusion, your family and friends will appreciate your efforts in giving them Wrapped Christmas Presents. If you are given something in return, thank them but if not, then thank them for their love that cannot be measured by gifts instead.