Worst Christmas Presents
Aware of & Run Away

Worst Christmas presents are usually not purchase on purpose. Many people end up making a horrible purchase by accident. When you have no idea what to purchase someone for Christmas, it's easy to purchase something that is less than wonderful. Confusion, stress, and pressure all come together, leading to choices that are inexplicable. You don't want to become known as the person who has absolutely no taste in gifts, so it's important you learn the traps to avoid. Here are a few gift ideas that you definitely need to avoid when you are purchasing presents.

First, some of the worst Christmas presents are those that come across as a subtle, or not so subtle, suggestion. The last thing you want to buy someone is something that makes them feel you are trying to get them to do something. Purchasing a gym membership or a low calorie cookbook for someone will make them feel like you think they are overweight. These types of gifts should definitely be avoided.

When you're trying to avoid giving the these Christmas presents, you need to avoid giving the same gift that you gave last year. It's a good idea to keep track of the gifts that you give each year. This way you don't keep giving the same person the same old gift. If you are unsure what you gave, you may want to ask, since this is much better than having them open up that scarf, for the third time.

It's a good idea to avoid purchasing items that cannot be exchanged. Some of the worst Christmas presents are those that don't fit or those that you hate. When you can't exchange the gift, it makes things even worse. Try to purchase items that are easy to exchange and keep gift receipts on hand in case someone does want or need to exchange a gif that you purchased.

While some people think it is funny to give prank gifts, it really isn't so funny to simply waste your money. Most of the gag gifts aren't going to be used. They may be funny for a few moments, but you have basically just thrown your money away. Avoid purchasing gag gifts in most cases so you don't just waste money on something that will never be used and that will rarely be found funny.


Some people buy huge 2000 page books, which are also some of the worst Christmas presents out there. Most people are not going to read a megabook. While many people may enjoy getting a nice book, a book that can double as a door stop is probably not a gift that anyone wants.

From Worst Christmas Presents to Unusual Christmas Presents

You want to avoid being the one that is known for purchasing the worst Christmas presents. Make sure you keep these tips and ideas in mind as you do your Christmas shopping. Don't let the hustle and bustle make you make bad decisions on gifts. Keep your head and purchase items that people will actually enjoy opening.