Toys Christmas Presents
Under the Tree

Toys Christmas Presents for kids are never complete without toys under the tree and in the stocking. You purchase toys of all kinds from stuff toys, dolls and plush pillows to bikes, robots and laptops with the intention of making your children as happy as clams on Christmas Day.

Importance of Age-Appropriate Toys

But before you go shopping for toys to wrap, we suggest keeping in mind the following tips on choosing age-appropriate toys. Although you can pick up toys that take your fancy, the most effective way to ensure that your children will enjoy from playing with the toys on one hand and learn new things for his development on the other hand is to choose based on age level.

This is because a good toy must provide the challenges for the kid and must require the child to actively play with it. If the toy is too sophisticated, your child will be frustrated with his inability to effectively enjoy the toy. If the toy is too simple, your kid will quickly be bored and will not learn anything new for his good.

Thus, when buying Toys Christmas Presents, we suggest looking at the recommended age on the labels. These labels are meant to ensure that the toys are appropriate for the kids' development level in the physical and psychological aspects. Plus, you must also take into account the safety issues involved such as choking on small parts and strangulation on ropes.

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You can also keep the following tips in mind when choosing Toys Christmas Presents, after all, must be a combination of fun, enjoyment and safety for the kids as well as affordability for the parents. You will find that the best toys are not necessarily the most expensive on the shelves and catalogues.

• Infants 0 to 12 months - Small stuffed toys that are in one piece with limbs securely attached are the best toys. You have to make sure that the materials are non-flammable, non-toxic and completely washable. Other good toys are rattles, teething rings and special balls that make sounds.

• Toddlers 12 to 18 months - Your best bets for Toys Christmas Presents for children at this age are building blocks, push-pull toys and sorting toys. We suggest ride-on toys with the right safety straps for toddlers who have yet to learn how to walk on their own.

• Toddlers 18 to 24 Months - Size and placement fascinate kids at this age. You can give telephone toys, large building blocks, action toys, and rising toys for the most smiles.

• Children 2 to 3 Years - Creativity are the kids' strongest suit at this age. We recommend talking dolls and toys, trucks and other toy vehicles, puzzles and play scenes, as well as occupation toys. You will observe that these toys closely mimic the activities of the adults in the house.

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In the end, the Toys Christmas Gifts we give to our children are not so much about the expensive price tags. Instead, we must focus on the benefits that these toys can provide for our children in terms of helping them develop their physical and mental skills.