Silly Christmas Gifts or Funny?

Silly Christmas Gifts are often the best ways to start the gift-giving season. Think of these gifts as the icebreakers where everybody in the room can laugh at the gifts first and then start anticipating what other delightful gifts you have in store for them.

Monkey Groan Ball

Remember how your voice sounds like when you inhale from a helium balloon? Now, imagine a monkey doing the same and you have the Monkey Groan Ball! It's hilariously funny to the point of making others roll on the floor, thanks to what sounds like a whole pack of monkeys on helium-induced groaning.

P'Kolino Silly Soft Seating

If you want to give Silly Christmas Gifts with functional value to your kids, we suggest the P'kolino Silly Soft Seating. Children love how the seats can be tuned into tables in different configurations depending on whatever pretend game is being acted out.

Shock Pen

For the adults, the Shock Pen actually provides a jolt to their mornings. It looks like an ordinary pen so your gift recipient will not suspect anything. Until he presses on the tip and a small electrical jolt passes through his finger, that is.

Magic Worm

Stockings can be stuffed with Silly Gifts for Christmas that otherwise would look small under the tree. Your kids will love the Magic Worm, which can be used to wind around pencils, fingers and even drinking cups just to scare their siblings.

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Yodelling Yodel Pickle

What do you get when you combine a pickle, one of America's favorite foods, with a yodeler from the Alps? You get the Yodelling Yodel Pickle, that's what. It's the ridiculousness of a real-looking pickle with the hilarious yodeling voice that makes this toy one of the best among the silly gifts for Christmas.

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Crazy Cluck Wacky Chicken

There's something so funny about someone doing the chicken dance to the Crazy Cluck Wacky Chicken. Still, the chicken will beat anybody who even dares to try equaling its rendition of the chicken dance and you won't even try because everybody's on the floor laughing their heads off at it.

Bullsh*t Button

Pardon my French, sire. Your boss will love the Bullshit Button for all the right reasons. Just press the red buzzer, the toy lights up, buzzes and then announces in a loud voice things like "That was bullshit!" At least, your boss has a funny way of saying it now.

Multi Voice Changer by Toysmith

Silly Christmas Gifts can be practical, too. Look at the Multi Voice Changer by Toysmith. Your gift recipient will have tons of fun playing with the 10 possible voices in the toy megaphone, which can range from the squeaky to the baritone.

Instant Excuse Ball

Your husband will love the Instant Excuse Ball for good reason. It can provide plenty of imaginative excuses - 20, to be exact - in anticipation of whatever alibis the kids may have up their sleeves for misbehavior.

Remote Fart Machine

Yes, it's juvenile but the Remote Fart Machine is as silly as you can get with gifts. After the Christmas dinner when everybody's full, your gift recipient can start playing pranks on the other guests.These Silly Christmas Gifts may be inexpensive but these get the most laughs and that is the most priceless thing in the world.