Wow!!! Sexy Christmas Costume

A Sexy Christmas Costume adds oomph to the festivities of the holidays. It's akin to your giving of the ultimate gift any boyfriend should have the common sense to be joyful about - you and your hot body, of course. And so, a sexy costume with a Christmas theme you will wear to the party, private or otherwise.

But, wait! You might be able to find the sexiest Christmas costume in an online shop or a costume store but it may not be complete. You need to aim for the total package just as a Christmas present must be a total package. Here's how.

Choose the Costume

Just because the costume shows way more of your lovely skin than Santa's wife will tolerate does not mean that it is sexy. You can show bare breasts, smooth thighs and even cute backsides and yet not appear sexy in the eyes of your boyfriend. You may even appear just plain slutty, as sad as that may sound.

A Sexy Christmas Costume must be sexy as to show off flawless skin, shapely curves and feminine charms. But you must still maintain a certain kind of mystery about your aura by covering up certain parts. You will then keep your boyfriend wanting for more in private.

For example, if your costume already has a neckline that shows off your glorious breasts, then wear knee-high boots or fun socks with your short skirt. Or if your best assets are your long legs, wear a sweetheart neckline to cover up your moderately-sized chest. Less is more, we always say.

Add the Accessories

Your chosen Sexy Christmas Costume will often just consist of the dress itself and a few accessories mainly gloves, cap and stockings. You will look nice in it but remember that you are not aiming for nice - you are going for naughty and nice! On that note, you must add a few more accessories to complete the look.

• Headband - The Santa cap may not be to your liking. You can use a glitzy headband instead to jazz up your outfit or any other hair accessories, for that matter.

• Bag - A sexy Santa must have her touch-ups every now and then. Your cute pouch must contain a small makeup kit, baby wipes and a bottle of perfume.

• Shoes - Oh, yes, the shoes must make you walk sexy. High-heeled boots, peep-toe pumps and stilettos are the best shoes to go with a Sexy Christmas Costume.

You may also add jewelry, if you like. Just make sure to keep it to a minimum since the attention must be on your face and body. Your jewelry must complement, not clash, with your costume. Hoop earrings and chunky bangles are great ideas.

Put on Makeup and Do the Hair

Last, you must take the time to make yourself look beautiful. Your hair must receive the attention it deserves with a hair spa, curling iron and nourishing products. You want it soft for your boyfriend's hand to luxuriate in.

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Your face must also be at its best. You simply must have the right amount of makeup on just to accentuate your best features. Again, remember that less is more.

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With a Sexy Christmas Costume, your boyfriend will definitely take a second look at you and go "Wow!" Now, if you can achieve that effect, your mission was accomplished.

Take care not to be that naughty.