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SBI It! is the only Internet Marketing Program teaches at Universities & Colleges Business Curriculum around the globe; in Canada, USA, UK, Australia, Africa and the Netherlands Master Business Course This page reveals how I create my online income using SBI. I'll take you by hand, step by step and even what you could not find the way they laid. The purpose is to help one start his/her own online business.

My intention is to lead one along the right way that no one ever revealed. Don't forget to share your experience or pay it forward at the end of this page. I'll publish all contributions so that we all share and learn this journey.

An important feature I want to bring to your attention is the founder of SBI, Dr. Ken Evoy of Canada. Dr. Evoy was a millionaire before creating SBI. He had millions every year in royalties for some prior inventions. Hence SBI for him is not to start making his money.

I start building this site on second week of September 2010.

Action Guide is the bible of SBI It! system and never fail, you only quit. I can't emphasis more!

The very first step is to follow the 10 Days Action Guide. This means to forget all that I know about internet marketing and give the Action Guide my BAM (brain attitude and motivation)for three months, if I can. Remember Rome was not built in a single day.

I spent my first week watching the Video Action Guide, Day 1-5. I watched at least twice a day. My second week was on Day 6-10. On my third week I went back and start all over again but now with my notes and logic.

Watch all the exciting TV below and feel what Dr. Ken Evoy can revolutionize a new you!

SBI It! Action Guide

SBI Program is logically laid out in 10 Days Action Guide. Videos and Text Script are available to download or learn online if you may wish.

Do not take 10 Days Guide literally as this will very much depend on your skill and expertise. For example, Day 3 took me 2 weeks and Linking Building took me 2 months to get off the ground.

Day 1 It took me 20 minutes

Day 2 Find the Site Concept

To me this is the hardest job because I do not know the whole system yet. It took me three weeks to come up with the idea that satisfied my soul.

The site concept is going to be the main keyword of the business. Therefore the need to evaluate demand and supply in relation to your site concept is very important. More demand and less supply (less competitive)is better as you'll make money pretty fast.

However, if you stuck with an idea that you can not pass by, the Action Guide will lead you to your safe heaven, no worry.

Think of something you want to do. What does the people say about you? something you good at. What is your expertise? Think of something you want to do for the rest of your life.

I'm sure you'll find an idea which SBI It! called a seed-word. You may find what you after if you scroll down the page and click the icon on your right hand side on Find Your Business and get one for yourself

Hence I get on with Brainstorm It!, first step- input my seed-word to yield all Christmas ideas/gifts and presents on the web. Brainstorm It rewards me with 897 keywords.

Now comes the logic. Out of 897 keywords, I need to come up with three (3)different concepts. I went on and evaluate all my keywords and produce those sites. This may sound funny but the Action Guide and Brainstorm It do the job and the sweating.

My three (3) site concepts are: Christmas Gifts, Christmas Presents and Christmas Toys. Again I went back to the Brainstorm It and input all my 3 site concepts. This gives me 999 words eachwith 333 key words.

Scrutinizing these three concepts sites presupposed success and failure. However, failure I mean to go back and start again.

After careful studying my keywords concept, I came up with another site concept, Top Ten Christmas Presents. I now have four site concepts and need an intelligent decision.

Last Week October 2010

Christmas Gifts was too competitive, Christmas Toys and Christmas Presents were not too competitive and I choice Christmas Presents as my first site.

Take the SBI 10 Days Video Tour

Day 3 Brainstorm It & Master Keyword List

Again I went back to Brainstorm It and do a Vertical Brainstorming. This will give me all keywords that contain my keyword, more than 400 keywords.

PS Brainstorm It now being used three times for different purposes. First the Seed Word, second the Site Concept and third the Vertical Brainstorm where the keyword contains it.

SBI Brainstorm It is second to none Keyword Research on the Web. At this stage you still have two more processes of which I'll talk about later.

I really think that this is the cautious part of the whole platform. You need to do this part right especially with the Supply and Demand of the site concept. I fall in to competitive keywords in my previous attempts. Now I'm very thoughtful.

My site Supply is less than 9000 in compare with 'Anguilla' of 125,000. I think I'm conservative safe.

SBI! Proof

Tier Structure

Tier Structure is how you're arranging your site keywords into tiers 2 & 3; like chapters and headings when writing a book. This is the structure of your site and careful consideration of categorizing according to its relevancy.

Each tier 2 structure consists of up to 15 keywords in your tier 3. Save the rest if there are more for your next tier 3. Google indexes go only to that far.

Within tier 2's and 3's you assure juice linking. Juice linking is your web site internal linking. All tier 2's and 3's link back to tier 1 which is your site concept. Tier 2's are linking to tier 3's and vise visa.

Content is King & Queen

Content is the cornerstone of SBI and is its primary emphasis above all others in the program. You need good quality contents using keywords from Brainstorm It.

The SBI language is C=>T=>P=>M. It stands for Content (pages of your site)that brings Traffics already Presold whom at the end yields you money.

Leave SBI to Christmas Presents

This time I start writing my web pages. At the same time, I hire ghostwriters to help me in this job. This is very important: Hire professionals to do the writing while you spend your time do the marketing.

Day 4 Monetization(money)

Again Brainstorm It! reveals the estimated cost per click of Google Ad sense. Many people are making full time income using ad sense alone.

There are many ways you can monetize your site. In addition to your own product is the Google Ad sense. SBI It! has a special training for us in this issue.

Net-Worth-Christmas-Presents.om drives traffic to Amazon.com, CJ Junction.com and eBay.com. Affiliates and Ad sense are my other income earner. I can sell ads if I want to. You are limited to your own thinking!

When Do We Monetize?

Main problem many Marketers get into when they try to bring in monetization at the first place, it is the very last of the process. This is hard to believe but it is a fact. There is no point bringing in Monetization as yet your traffic is nothing.

Site Build It!

Progress to the End of November 2010

I managed 60 pages up to this point of time. Hence I target 100 pages for my Christmas 2010 and I did achieve it.

In January and February, I went back and start my Link Building Program. This is an important part of the whole process and should have started after having created 25 pages. Return to WAHM from SBI for the Link Building Program

Day 5-Day 10

Day 5: Name your Domain. Domain is your URL

Day 1-5 are the foundation of your business. Simply follow the Action Guide and you'll have what you after.

In case you do not feel good what you done, just patiently go back to Day 2 and work your through but this time will be flashpoint.

Day 6- Day 10 are the rest of your marketing and internal management of your business. They are all in the Site Central.

My Seven Steps of Success Journey

1. Follow the Action Guide of SBI It!

2. Devour the Solo Build It goldmine, the Forum and pay it forward

3. Create more quality contents and back links as well.

4. Outsource where possible and spend more time on marketing.

5. Be patient to see what SBI illuminate after 12 months period.

6. Internet never ever fail, you quit

7. Start building her sister site!

Creating Online Business Using SBI It!

We went into details laying out our blue prints on how we create Net Worth Christmas Presents.com. I do hope it helps someone out there creating his/her financial freedom.

Creating an online business is not that easy as it always lead us away through sale advertisements. But, it is not hard at the same time.

It is well known that less than ten percentage(10%) of Internet Marketers are successful online. Our concern is the ninety percentage (90%) that are still striving.

I'm sure someone out there awaiting your confirmation. Kindly share your profitable online system and we'll publish a separate page for you. You may edit, update and refer this page to your families and friends.

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Nori is Ken Evoy 15 Years Old Daughter

"I now have a business that I can grow over the years. A business that is fun. I'll never do a 9 to 5. I'll always own my own life. That, more than money, more than learning about the Web, more than anguilla-beaches, more than learning how to write well, that is the most important thing I've learned from SBI!. Own your own life. If you don't, what's the point?"
~ Nori Evoy

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"My goal was to build an online business that would generate an income equal (or greater, of course) to the salary I was earning. And also wouldn't be dependant on any country's economy (as my country's economy is in shambles...)."
~ Elad Shippony

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"SBI! is a gift -- there is no other way to say it. Thank you for this wonderful gift -- it allowed me to grow my business and help others. From my early days with SBI!, starting out with quality content helped me feel that I was giving something to people, rather than simply trying to "make money". So from the very beginning, I've kept the overdelivery (C T P M) model intact, and because I know every aspect of the site is 100% authentic, I never EVER worry about competition. I will ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS credit SBI with handing me everything I needed on a golden platter."
~ Marney Makridakis
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"There's nothing magic about SBI's servers, of course. It's all in the step-by-step logical process, and the tools that "do" the process. SBI doesn't just give you the tools to build a web site, SBI helps you build a successful web business. As I said, I checked out the Net completely, and I had never seen a page of success stories like this one... and now we are on it, too -- one of the top-ranked sites (sorry for bragging a little)."
~ Fiona McCardle/Jim Andrew
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"The simple fact is that SBI! is the secret weapon in any business and I sure do believe in it as I have experienced it first hand, with four different sites (me, the "asphalt man"!). It can be used by network marketers, infopreneurs, product sellers, affiliate marketers, those who have a service to sell, or by local business to increase the effectiveness of their sales by a long shot."
~ Judd Burdon

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"A wholehearted "Thank You" to SBI!. Perhaps it seems weird to thank a computer program, but Site Build It! is not some technically run corporate group with invisible leaders. It's really a down to earth company run by a fatherly CEO, bringing a global family of like-minded people together in success and freedom."~ Michelle Schillstyle-hair-magazine.comhttp://case-studies.sitesell.com/Sione.html#WAHM

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"I read the Action Guide, took notes, and simply trusted the CTPM System. It was very simple to build a site. I just did it one "block" at a time."
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