Kids love Mindflex Game

The Mindflex game is one of those high-tech games that sound too far-fetched to actually work in the real world. You may even think of it as a game that a hare-brained New Age spacey science fiction writer dreamed up on one of his flights of fantasy.

But Mindflex is from Mattel, which means that it's as real as you can get because the company takes its products seriously. In fact, Mindflex was introduced during the 2009 Consumer Electronics Show where it was predicted that it will be one of the hottest toys of the coming years. Sais prediction appears to be coming true based on the sales figures for the game, not to mention that we love it, too.

How It Works

You will be amazed at the power of our brain to move things, in a manner of speaking, with the Mindflex game. Basically, the game works in this way: You put on a headset with sensors going over your earlobes and forehead. Your brain generates brainwaves that are then converted by the specially-designed headset into energy. In turn, this energy is used to power the fan blowing a stream of air into a ball such that the more brainwaves generated, the more air blows into the ball and the higher it levitates.

Cool is an understatement considering that you have yet command anything to levitate by the power of your mind. With practice, you can actually exercise great control over the ball such that it falls lower or rises higher depending on how much brainwave activity is produced.

But ball levitation is not all there is to the Mindflex game. You can also put the ball through a customizable obstacle course that dips and rises in the most unlikely configurations. You can choose from a variety of hurdles, hoops and funnels that can be made easier or harder just to test your speed, accuracy and concentration in the game. And yes, of course, your group can make a competition out of it.

We Like and Don't Like

When it comes to new gadgets with high-tech appeal, we are definitely the first one to fall in line but we too often disappointed with the results. Mindflex is a very satisfactory game in most instances especially as it is the first one that actually works for most kids and adults.

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With this game, you can guide the ball through the obstacles regardless if you are a child or an adult for as long as you have a brain. The main difference is the level of concentration that each individual can put into the activity, thus, determining how fast, high or low the ball can move inside the obstacle course.

Our main gripe is that Mattel could have come up with a better-looking headset instead of making it look like the players have bandages over their ears. The console and headset also requires batteries, which can be inconvenient when the batteries die out while in the heat of competition. Return to Christmas Gifts for Teens from Mindflex Game

All in all, the Mindflex game is a great game for individuals and families. You can develop mental capacity, concentration and technique with the game, which is a good way to prepare for mentally demanding tasks.