My Process of
Making Christmas Presents

Making Christmas Presents with your own hands instead of buying the entire thing in the store or online definitely has its benefits. Your gift recipients will be touched with the thoughtfulness of the gift while your bank account remains almost untouched. In these times when every penny does count, you may have found the perfect gift for yourself in which to start the New Year with a big, fat and hefty savings.

Don't worry either about having to shed the proverbial blood, sweat and tears. You can make homemade presents without taking time off from work, shedding tears from the complexity of the process and generally just regretting ever thinking of making these gifts. Here are some ideas to help you get started on the process of Making Christmas Gifts the easy way and yet come up with great gifts.

Take It Easy

Your supportive family and friends will not expect too much from your homemade gifts despite your fears. As always, it is almost always the thought that counts so long as your thoughts were of the sensitive kind.

For example, if your gift recipient loves jewels but hates the color green, a present of handmade bracelets with ruby-colored crystals will be appreciated than had you used jade-colored ones. The trick is in knowing the likes and dislikes of your family and friends and then working around them.

Think Likes and Dislikes

Yes, Making Christmas Gifts is not just about what you would like to give. More importantly, it is about thinking what your gift recipients will like to receive on Christmas day. You will soon find that making others happy will also make you happy on a deeper level than just grabbing the first item that caught your attention.

You may have to ask others about your recipient's likes and dislikes as well as their interests and hobbies. Just tuck the information away in your mind for use later on. You need not even list them down although it will help you remember who likes which activities.

From this list, you can start Making Christmas Presents. For example, Aunt Mae likes to sew things so the perfect gift for her would be a sewing kit made from a Mason jar with a hole on top for the built-in cushion. Or Uncle Harry loves anything with peach flavors, which means jars of peach jam are great on a gift basket.

Take It to Another Level

Now, with the assumption that you have already made the gifts, you just cannot give it as is mainly because presentation also counts. You can add little but charming touches to the gift that will increase the value of the gifts, in a manner of speaking. Your choices include:

• Tying a ribbon around the jar's lid

• Placing a label on the jar to denote the flavor of the jam

• Wrapping the homemade candy-flavored vodka in Japanese-style cloth

• Putting the gift inside a decoupage box for its safekeeping value

• Adding quirky designs on top of the gift box like pine-cones, twigs and paper cut-outs

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Indeed, the process of Making Christmas Presents can be easy from start to finish. You must begin it today so that the holidays can be hassle-free and, thus, you can enjoy the company of family and friends more.

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