Make Your Own
Christmas Presents

Make Your Own Christmas Presents this year and see the positive changes happening on many fronts. Your bank account will not take a beating from all the expensive things bought for family and friends, as is the case in previous years. Your gifts will be personalized presents in every sense of the word because you made them with your hands, after all.

Starting on the Job

Well, we must admit that homemade presents can take time and effort, plus a little money, to make. But when you compare it to elbowing your way through crowded shopping malls, lining up for hours and maxing out your credit cards, homemade gifts are definitely better. The trick is in choosing the ones that you can actually do.

So, how do you start to Make Your Own Christmas Presents? We suggest making a list of the people near and dear to your hearth and heart who will love receiving homemade presents. This time, you can make as long a list as your time and effort can exert since money is now not an object - everything is affordable, that's why.

You must then write down the possible gift ideas for each person. Your choices for the individuals on the list must reflect a balance between your personality and your gift recipient's personality. Or it can be that the gift will satisfy one of your recipient's interests and hobbies, say, a scrap booking kit.

When you have listed down the final choices, you can start the process to Make Your Own Christmas gifts. Of course, you need not list down unique items for every person as that can be time-consuming. We suggest grouping the individuals into possible categories like food, bath, clothing and home décor presents.

For example, you can group Grandma Pearl, Aunt Emma and your neighbor under the food category where your present is a gift basket filled with homemade jams and cookies. Then, Uncle Harry, Grandpa Steve and your husband can be provided with knitted caps and mittens for the summer. The kids can have their own personalized pillows, felt stuffed toys, and towel duckies for their stockings.

Depending on the gift, you can start as early as the previous Christmas in making your gifts. You will then nit fall victim to the Christmas rush, which you wanted to avoid in the first place when you decided to Make Your Own Christmas Presents. For example, the jam preserves can be made starting in summer or spring to get the best harvest from the trees while the knitted items can be done a months before December comes.

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Ideas for the Job

From the above mentioned discussion, you must have gathered a few ideas for homemade Christmas gifts. Just to add a few more, you can make the following items from affordable materials and even from scraps lying around the house.

Bath fizzes, body scrubs and scented soaps

Table linens and napkins with iron-on or embroidered designs

Stuffed toys made from old sweaters and clothes

Felt baby shoes

• Cases and covers for high-tech gadgets

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Truly, when you finally decide to Make Your Own Christmas Presents, you are taking the steps in the right direction. Said direction is toward becoming Eco-friendly on one hand and pocket-friendly on the other hand, both of which are great Christmas gifts for yourself as well.

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