How to Wrap Christmas Presents?

How to Wrap Christmas Presents - this is the question that millions of people are asking every time the holiday season draws near. You may find it difficult to wrap your presents because of the seemingly intricate ways with which professional gift wrappers do the job. Fortunately, you can make the gift-wrapping process easier and Christmas happier through the following ways.

Papered and Labeled

Well, of course, the first method is to wrap the gifts in wrapping paper, tie it in a ribbon and place a gift tag. You need not fret about updating your wrapping skills as it is always the thought and the contents inside that count the most. The wrapping paper adds beauty to the gift but it does not form its substance.

Your creativity comes in the form of the variety of wrapping paper used. Choices include matte or glossy paper, thick cartolina or sheer tissue paper, plain or printed paper, as well as printed or cut out paper. Your question of How to Wrap Christmas Presents will be answered with the wide variety of such choices from the stores and sites.

Boxed and Decorated

The above mentioned way is most often applicable to gifts that already come in a box. But what will you do when the gift is not so? Obviously, you must use a gift box but not just any gift box if you want to stand out from the crowd.

We suggest using decoupage gift boxes for your presents! You will be safeguarding your gifts within the box and providing your gift recipient with a special keepsake. You can buy these gift boxes in stores and sites along with decorations on its top like small Christmas ornaments, paper flakes and even candy canes.

So, How to Wrap Christmas Presents using decoupage boxes? It's simple - just place the gift inside, replace the lid and tie a ribbon around it. You may also wrap the box and place various adornments but it is often not necessary as the box is beautiful in itself.

Wrapped and Tied

Then there is the Japanese answer to the question of How to Wrap Christmas Gifts. Indeed, we can learn so many practical and beautiful things from the Japanese art of folding paper and wrapping gifts. You need not even worry about your folding and wrapping skills as the art can be simplified but still retain its beauty.

You can try the furoshiki, which is simply a large piece of cloth used to wrap almost anything. You can use any kind of fabric from basic cotton and nylon to luxurious satin and silk in solid colors or printed patterns. Your choice of fabric will largely depend on the gift itself - its weight, shape, size and nature.

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You may also experiment with the tsutsumi, which uses a combination of paper and fabric to conceal the gift. It is not a slap-dash kind of job, however, as you may have to use a few intricate folding techniques but the results are great.

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These ways are three of the answers to the question of How to Wrap Christmas Presents. Your gifts need not be expensive but when your recipient sees how lovingly the presents were wrapped, your gifts may as well be the most memorable in the bunch.

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