Homemade Holiday Gifts

Homemade Holiday Gifts are thoughtful presents on the most wonderful time of the year where Christians around the world are concerned. Your gift recipients know that your time and effort were poured into the gifts, thus, making your presents extra special. You will also benefit from giving homemade gifts for Christmas and other special occasions since these presents often cost significantly less than their store-bought counterparts.

Time on Your Hands

But let's face it. Homemade gifts can take time to make especially if you are thinking of giving gourmet baked goodies, crocheted clothing items and other things that take time to complete. With the tons of work during the holidays, it is time that may well be unable to find.

So, unless you have all the time in the world and all the maids in the neighborhood to help out, you will probably back out on giving Homemade Holiday Gifts. After all, the time spent on baking mountains of cookies can be spent on working for money to buy pre-baked cookies as presents and on spending time with your family.

Tips to Make It Easy

Fortunately for the time-pressed giver of gifts, there are ways to make homemade gifts without going insane over a busy holiday schedule. The trick is to find the ways that will suit your schedule, preferences and budget. Here are a few ideas:

• Food in Jars - You need not sweat over the kitchen counter, stove and oven just to give delicious foods placed in cute jars accented with ribbons. You can purchase ready-made cookies in different flavors from your favorite bakery (Ask for discount for batch orders) Place the cookies inside the jars for giving to relatives and friends as Homemade Christmas Gifts.

• Gourmet Food Baskets - Why slave for hours making gourmet food when you can order the products? Your main job will then be to artfully arrange the food products in rustic but stylish baskets; wrap clear cellophane around the baskets; and then tie with ribbons and voila! You have a gourmet gift basket worthy of even the snottiest among your relatives. We suggest pasta, chocolates, fruits and wine and cheeses gourmet baskets.

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• Personalized Clothes - Homemade gifts need not be just about food. You can also give clothes and clothing accessories. This time, skip on the hours sewing shirts, shorts and ties this year. You can purchase good quality plain shirts in different sizes and colors according to the number of people on your gift list. To transform these shirts into Homemade Holiday Gifts, just iron on store-bought decals into the fabric. Or you can use fabric crayons to make your own designs.

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• Bath and Beauty Products - Since you can make bath and beauty products like homemade lip balms, herbal soaps and bubble salts in batches, the demands on your time will be considerably lesser. You may need help on the packaging but the bulk of the work is already finished. presents, never mind if you took shortcuts.