Homemade Christmas Presents
How I Do It

Homemade Christmas Presents are often the best gifts to give and - admit it - to receive in the season of hope. Your homemade gifts have the personal touch that even the most expensive gift brought from the stores sorely lack. Your gift recipients will appreciate that you have poured into the time and effort into actually making their gifts. You will love the fact that you spent so little money for the gifts!

If you have the knack for baking and cooking, we suggest the following gifts for Christmas. These are tasty treats that your gift recipients can immediately enjoy and share with other during the Christmas feast.

Homemade Candies

Why buy sweet candies from the stores when you can make your own equally scrumptious Homemade Christmas Presents? You will find that homemade candies are a hit with kids and adults alike with the added benefit that you can make these treats healthier, too. You can chocolate peanut clusters, peanut brittles and salted almonds, all of which are easy to make.


Everybody loves brownies. So, when you give family and friends chewy, delicious and rich brownies, you have just earned a good many brownie points to last until next Christmas. Instead of settling for just one brownie recipe, we suggest adding pizzazz to the different batches. Your brownies can be the boozy, flavored and frosted.


Yet another favorite Homemade Christmas Presents are cookies in various shapes, sizes and flavors. With all the varieties of cookies available, you can definitely hit the mark no matter how nit-picky the recipient can be. You can also either just purchase the cookies or actually bake them but make sure that these treats are packaged in cute jars, small baskets or even themed tins.

Fruit Cakes

We must admit that not everybody likes the strong flavors of fruitcakes but for those who have acquired the taste, it is addictive. You have to begin making your fruitcakes a few weeks before Christmas Day itself to give it time to acquire its distinctive taste. Plus, you have to use only the best ingredients lest this most anticipated of Homemade Christmas Presents fall flat on its face.


Even children can make this delicious orbs of chocolate wrapped in more chocolate! Plus, you can also enjoy a few of your own truffles aside from giving them as takeaways after the Christmas dinner. We suggest flavors like amaretto, mint and peanut butter to complement the chocolate.


With its oozy goodness, fudge is definitely on top of the list of homemade holiday gifts anybody will want to receive. You can make two batches - one for the sweet tooth and one for the diabetics. You can also make variations on the basic fudge like walnut, marshmallow cream and crunchy.

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Indeed, you will find that these Homemade Christmas Presents will be a hit with your family, friends, co-workers and bosses. You just have to make sure that the foods are packaged in cute containers, are packed well ahead of the spoilage time and are given with a smile. Now, that's how you make someone's Christmas merry.

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