Funny Christmas Presents

Funny Christmas Presents are a breath of fresh air in a holiday with oh-so-serious gifts. Well, of course, there's nothing wrong with gifts that make recipients go oh and ah over the sheer fabulous of these material presents - think jewelry, designer clothes and executive items. We all want these kinds of presents naturally but, for a change, you will also want to elicit tears of laughter than tears of joy in your recipients.

Here then are the ideas for funny Christmas gifts. We must warn readers, however, that these gifts ought to be given to your close family and friends only whom you actually know will appreciate the humor behind these things.

Beer Gift Baskets

One of the Funny Christmas Presents in the form of a gift basket is one filled with the goodness of beer. Yes, indeed, cheese, wine and chocolate baskets may be sophisticated but these are not exactly one of the funniest gifts you will find on your doorstep. And so, a beer gift basket it will be this year.

Exactly what goes into a beer basket, you may ask? Well, you can purchase gourmet beer that your recipients will like or you can put your own homemade brew that everybody is lusting after for so long. Then, add a few funny accessories like a sexy bottle opener, some packets of spicy mixed nuts and a drinking game manual.

Boobs Gift Basket

Your Funny Christmas gifts will definitely elicit laughs from the adults in the house with a boob basket. Just as you any red-blooded male expects, this is a basket filled with items reminiscent of a woman's breasts. Your children may not appreciate it but your can be sure that naughty Uncle Harry will love it.

In the boob basket are things like pasta boobs (pasta in the shape of breasts), boobs visor (cap with prominent boobs on top) and a boob creamer mug. Aunt Sally may not like it but it's not for her enjoyment, is it?

Peeing Liquor Dispenser

Arguably, the Christmas season seems to give license for the adults to engage in a bacchanalian orgy of some sorts. Well, why not give the guys Funny Christmas Presents in the form of peeing liquor dispensers? When they tear off the gift wrappings, the vulgarity of the gift will have them in stitches even before the first drop slides down their throats.

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Your choices in these peeing dispensers vary from your favorite sports character to Santa Claus himself. You may even add a good bottle of bourbon in your gift just so that your pals can immediately use the peeing dispenser.

Fart Machine

Men being boys at heart, a fart machine is also a good idea for a funny Christmas gift. Just push the button and select the kind of fart that you want somebody to be making during Christmas dinner. Or you can play the prank on everybody in the room so to start a guess-who game on who farted.

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Truly, Funny Christmas Presents need not be on the expensive side. After all, laughter is free and humor can be cheap.