Easy Homemade Christmas Presents
No More Worries

Easy Homemade Christmas Presents are easy to find. Just find clear and colored jars, fill them with whatever suits the fancy, and screw on the lid and voila! You have the easiest but the loveliest homemade Christmas gifts kids and adults alike will love to bits. Or will love until the last savory bite, for that matter.

Jam in Jars

The most common things to put in jars are edible treats like jams. You can make these homemade preserves from the best of the spring and summer's ripe harvests. When Christmas time comes, your jams will bring back the joys of these sunny seasons.

To make these Easy Homemade Christmas Presents more presentable, you can print labels on sheets of self-adhesive paper according to the flavors of the jams. Then, place the labels on the cooled jars, tie a ribbon around the mouth and give the gift with a smile.

Scented Sugar in a Jar

Now, if making jams is not up your alley but you still want a sweet gift, the lazy way is through scented sugar. It is just as its name implies - the sugar is scented with whatever herbs and flowers that take your fancy. Coffee, tea and milk will have a subtle flavor that adds enjoyment to the drinking experience.

You can combine rose petals, geranium leaves, orange peels or vanilla beans with white sugar in a jar and then let them sit tightly for a few days. Just make sure not to mix the scents unless you have had experience with it.

Sewing Kit in a Jar

Your Easy Homemade Christmas Presents need not be confined to food items. Your choice also includes transforming an old-fashioned Mason jar into a sewing kit complete with a built-in pincushion. To start, you just cut out a hole on top of the lid, push through the pincushion through the hole and then replace the lid. Of course, you have to fill in the jar with sewing essentials like needles, colored threads and thimble.

If your gift recipient is not into sewing, we suggest filling the jar with whatever takes his/her fancy. For example, you can place art materials like paints for the artist; embroidery supplies like threads for the embroidery fan, and various computer gadgets like funny USB devices for the geek. The jars can be of various sizes to accommodate the things placed in them.

Teas and Toppings in a Jar

Yet another of the Homemade Christmas presents is placing food items of your choice in the jar. Teas and toppings are great ideas mainly because you can either choose to buy them or make them yourself.

Loose-leaf teas can be packed in small jars with each jar containing one flavor. Your choices include chamomile, violet, jasmine, red rose and jasmine. You will then have colorful gift that reflects the season while giving warmth when mixed with hot water.

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As for the toppings, you can mix various nuts like walnuts with dried fruits in a jar. Then, top off the mixture with honey and let it steep for a few days. Your jar of toppings will be a great gift for people with sweet tooth.

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Indeed, your Easy homemade Christmas presents may be the lazy way out but these will definitely be appreciated. You will have goodies in the house, too.

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