Easy Crafts for Kids

Easy Crafts for Kids are great gifts for Christmas and other special occasions for many reasons. Your gift recipients will be able to produce many things from a single gift while also having fun and learning new skills. The trick is in choosing the gift that will best suit the recipient's age especially in terms of eliminating hazards - small beads, long strings, and sharp objects, among others - while playing with the craft kit.

Creativity for Kids Sky Diver Paper Airplanes

Flight has always fascinated kids with their penchant for jumping off the highest point in the house in the hope, well, flying. Why not give them another outlet for their airborne imagination by giving this kit? Your children will enjoy making paper airplanes with brightly-colored sticker accents out of the heavy duty patterned papers.

Alex Toys My First Sewing Kit

Yet another of the great Easy Crafts for Kids is the Alex Toys My First Sewing Kit, which is multi-awarded in the industry. Of course, we suggest giving this sewing kit to an older child who can safely use its sharp objects like the needles, pins and scissors. Your little tailor designer has virtually everything she needs from the pre-cut patterns and embroidery floss to the stuffing and fabric.

Make Your Own Lip Balm

Let your daughter make he own lip balm at home with this kit. Yummy flavors await her lips while the 5 cosmetic tin cans are suitable for personalized decorations using the stickers and labels. Your daughter may even make her own homemade lip balm as a Christmas gift for her close friends and relatives. It's an easy, fun and beautiful thing to do during the afternoons when the snow makes everyone stay indoors.

Alex Best Friends Bands Friendship Bracelet Kit with 2 Looms and 10 Colors

Older kids who have formed close friendships with people their age will love the gift of the Alex best Friends Bands of Friendship Bracelet Kit. With this Easy Crafts for Boys, colorful friendship bracelets can be made from the flosses and seed beads. Your kids will develop a sense of kinship with the people to whom these bracelets were given as well as hone their potentials for fashion design.

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Cutie Cupcake Baker

Sons and daughters who love to bake will simply go gaga over the Cutie Cupcake Baker. Your kids can play pretend baking on the 6-cup mini baking pan and baking cups while also preparing the icing for their cupcakes. The icing decorator is sweet, as the kids will tell you, too.

Toysmith Volcano Making Kit

If you want to combine Easy Crafts for Kids with learning an exciting concept of earth science, we recommend the Toysmith Volcano Making Kit. Your kids can definitely make this toy volcano on their own since the materials - drying plaster, paint, volcano mold, and stir stick - are all safe for use. Just add the vinegar and baking soda to create the bubbling lava.

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You can also give your kids and other relatives with crafts kits for making birdhouses, wooden ships, and even origami. Your gifts of Easy Crafts for Kids will hone their interests in certain hobbies while also telling them that you place value on their personalities.