DIY Christmas Presents

DIY Christmas Presents may require more time and effort to actually make but the returns can make every sweat worthwhile. Or better yet, you can skip the sweat and focus on doing something that will also make you happy while you are at it. In this way, you will view the tasks in making homemade gifts as labors of love instead of hard labor.

For example, if you are into baking and cooking, then home-cooked food items like jams, cookies and brownies make for delicious gifts. Or if you are good with wood, gifts like stenciled play stools, small rocking horses and even wooden bowls are great projects. Or if your passion is in making things with your hands and a sewing machine, your family and friends will love stuffed toys, personalized clothing items and fashion accessories.

With DIY Christmas Presents, you can truly tap into your skills, save money on expensive items and make others happy with their thoughtful gifts. Here are a few categories of the things that you can make this Christmas.

Food Items

The Christmas season is filled with food and drinks but not everybody can make cakes, cookies and candies like you can in the kitchen. Your most thoughtful gifts then will be your specialty foods packaged in cute containers.

Your food gifts can be placed in glass jars, plastic containers, tin cans and straw baskets depending on their nature. For example, jams are best placed in jars while cookies can be placed in tin cans to preserve their freshness. A few easy ideas include ginger cookies, chewy brownies, scrumptious fudge, gourmet apples, candied nuts, flavored vodka, and chocolate items as well as fruit, wine and cheese baskets.

Fashion Accessories

For the fashioners, the best DIY Christmas Presents are obviously fashion accessories in the latest styles. You can take inspiration from fashion magazines, catalogs and shows for the trendiest items found in designer stores. Your savings for these fashionable items will be tremendous when your crafty hands can copy said products.

Think along the lines of small clothing items, costume jewelry from earrings to bracelets, and personal accessories like belts and purses. You can buy the raw materials from craft and clothing stores, which can then be assembled using your trusty sewing machine and kit.

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Fun Things

DIY Christmas Gifts need not be limited to food and fashion. You can also make fun things that will provide for future activities or challenge the mind of your recipients. This way, you will be remembered long after the holiday season has passed. (Yes, you may think it self-serving but who is not guilty of it at one point of their gift-giving lives?)

Your choices in fun items include jigsaw puzzles of the recipient's favorite picture or photograph; scrap booking kit with all the essential materials to make a holiday-themed scrapbook; and starter kit for woodworking. Just think of the activities that your gift recipient considers enjoyable and then you can work from that point.

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Ultimately, the DIY Christmas Presents are the ones that make the recipients, not the giver, happy. You can then hope that whoever will give you a gift will keep that unwritten rule in mind when choosing his present.