Cool Christmas Presents
Can’t Go Wrong

Cool Christmas Presents are usually the trendiest products and services available in the market today. You will be hard-pressed to elicit a “Wow, thanks, Mom! This gift is cool” kind of reaction from your teen-aged child with any other gift. With the inevitable generational gap becoming pronounced during the teenage years, your definition of cool may not exactly coincide with that of your son and daughter.

Fortunately for clueless parents, there are certain things universally considered by teenagers from geeks to jocks alike. Your gifts will definitely be ones that your children will be proud of to bring to school and to hang-out places. Well, you may have to spend more money than you planned but since it is Christmas, you must consider it as a special treat.


First on the list are laptops, which are the coolest of the Cool Christmas Presents. If you have been a savvy shopper by taking advantage of the great Black Friday sales, then your bank account will be happy while your child will be ecstatic over his gift. Just make sure to choose the kind of laptop that answers the needs and preferences of your child in terms of memory capacity, application features and surface appearance – show him a catalog as a teaser, if you have to.


Yes, cell phones are so passé among the young and the young at heart. The trendiest communication device nowadays is the smartphones from the likes of Apple, Samsung and Nokia, all of which offer phone models at affordable prices. You will then be able to contact your son or daughter any time you want while your child can be one of the “in” crowds.

Video Game Consoles

Yet another great idea for Cool Christmas Presents is giving away video game consoles. WE can mention the popular Wii and X-box although there are also other less well-known but still good video game console brands. Your children will love the games especially with the boy controller while you can join in the fun, which will make for quality time spent inside the home – at lesser cost to your pockets, too. Home Theater Systems

Well, of course, you need not spend tons of money on a full-blown home theater system for your teenager’s room. That would be akin to serving a death sentence on the peace and quiet around the house especially with the heavy metal noise – er, music – going on. Your child will think that the television and mini-component in his room are Cool Christmas Gifts coming from an oldies parent.

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Digital Cameras

Let’s face it. Your teenager would announce to the world his sentiments about all kinds of things and post pictures of himself on social media networks like FaceBook but probably keep secrets from you and your spouse. Well, why not just indulge his passion for photographing himself and other subjects with the gift of a digital camera? At the very least, you will know his activities on FaceBook.

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If you can give one of these Cool Christmas Presents to your teenagers, you will be one of the coolest mom or dad on the block. On Christmas Day and on any other day, you will want to hear compliments from your children even if you had to literally bribe them.