Christmas Tree with Presents

Christmas Tree with Presents is beautiful sight in any home, be it humble or grand. Most people will even think that Christmas without the tree and its presents underneath is not, well, Christmas at all. In fact, you may leave out the twinkling lights, which have been proven to be a fire hazard anyway, but the presents must remain.

History of Gift-Giving

In Christian traditions, the giving of gifts during Christmas originated from the Magi. Each one of them gave Jesus with a symbolic gift, which the Bible says were myrrh, frankincense and gold. From these first gifts were born the modern-day version of giving gifts except that the symbolic values of the presents were largely lost through the centuries.

Nowadays, gifts can range from material things to good deeds depending on the budget, intention, and style of the giver. You can wrap tickets to a Caribbean vacation in a box, after all.

The tradition of Christmas Tree with Presents is a fairly young concept, however. This is because the modern concept of the Christmas tree was only introduced by Martin Luther as a Protestant counterpoint to the Catholic nativity scene. It was only a matter of time when these two deeply Christian traditions were merged and so we have a Christmas tree on one hand and the gifts on the other hand.

Placement of the Gifts

But lest you think that presents can only be placed under the Christmas tree, think again. In olden times, the presents were either placed on the limbs or under the tree. The decision where to place the gifts was purely a matter of preference and practicality.

Now, if you choose the modern-day version of the Christmas Tree with Gifts, you place the heavier gifts underneath while the ornaments are hanged from the limbs. You may also hang small gifts like candy canes, figurines and other lightweight stuff on the limbs just as long as the tree can carry them especially with the weight of the ornaments and lights.

Many families will also not place the real presents under the Christmas tree for practical reasons. For one thing, children and pets can ruin the gifts by their inquisitive prying, shaking and trampling on the boxes. For another thing, your recipients may not be able to resist the temptation and, thus, prematurely open the gifts. In either case, you will want to avoid buying new presents.

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Instead, the Christmas Tree with Presents underneath it is a decoy, so to speak. The presents are actually just wrapped empty boxes! During Christmas Eve while everybody else is sleeping, you can sneak in the real presents and remove the fake ones. This way, your presents hold an element of surprise, which amps up the joy of the season.

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Indeed, no matter how humble a home may be, a Christmas Tree with Presents is a highly-anticipated part of the season. Just try to buy at least one meaningful present for every member of the family, hide it in the closet and then place the fake ones under the tree.