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Christmas Presents to Make

Christmas Presents to Make somebody's holidays a truly happy one need not be the expensive kinds. Yes, you can give flashy jewelry, high-tech gadgets and designer items but these gifts have definite demerits especially on the financial aspect.

So, you opt for the homemade Christmas gifts. You can bake cookies, brownies and small cakes. You can make crafty items using recycled things around the house and a few store-bought materials. You can assemble charming food baskets at a budget.

Whatever you may decide on, the following tips will contribute to the appeal of the gifts. Keep in mind that Christmas presents to make family and friends happy start with the presentation.

Decorated Jars

If you have old jars lying around, you can give them a new lease on life this holiday season. You must strip them of their labels, wash them thoroughly and fill them with goodies. We suggest filling the jars with cookies, chocolates, candies and baked goodies like sliced brownies and fudge.

Airtight Containers

Christmas Presents to Make at home often include plenty of baked and cooked goodies. We are talking about treats like brownies, fudge, cupcakes, muffins and even homemade bread with a serving of flavored spread on the side.

You will delightedly discover that these goodies are very popular with family and friends that you need not worry about braving the crowds in the malls just to get your Christmas shopping done in time. Just make sure to store these edible gifts in airtight containers to ensure their freshness.

Glittering Papers

Yet another way to make for a great presentation for homemade gifts is using glittering papers. Your gift recipient's eyes will glow like so many Christmas lights upon receiving your present, which will be reflected on the paper's equally glittery surface. Your cookies, fudge and brownies can go into these crafty papers.

Small Baskets

One of the fastest, easiest and cheapest Christmas Gifts to Make in the comfort of your own home are food baskets. You can pack into the basket just about anything that your budget can afford. Think along the lines of fruit baskets, chocolate baskets, wine baskets, cookies baskets, jam baskets and even candy baskets.

Even when the contents of the basket are on the small side, say, just a few pieces of crunchy cookies mixed with chewy brownies, you can make it beautiful. Your choice of basket must be such that the gifts appear many when placed inside it. Add in a few ribbons and clear plastic covering to add just the right amount of pizzazz to the whole ensemble.

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Red Ribbons

Now, if you are planning to give candy-flavored vodka this Christmas, you can give a great gift by tying red ribbons around the mouth of the bottle or jar. You will see the great difference that such a simple addition can make on the gift.

To make the vodka, just add one type of candy left over from Halloween into a jar of plain vodka. Let it steep for a few weeks until just before Christmas before taking out the candy and wrapping the jar or bottle with the ribbon.

Indeed, your choice of Christmas Presents to Make no matter how simple it may be can be made more beautiful. Place them in jars, tins and baskets and then top off with a ribbon.

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