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Christmas Presents for Him!

The task of choosing Christmas Presents for Him - your boyfriend, of course - should be an easy task. Yes, the recession should not be sufficient reason to skip on giving your boyfriend a great gift even if it's on the affordable side. You just have to look for the right gift within the right price of your budget.

Right Gift for His Personality

The first dictum in choosing the right gift is to look at your boyfriend's personality, interests and hobbies. From your talks with your boyfriend, you should be able to ascertain these kinds of things just in time for the holidays. But men being tight-lipped as they can be, you may also ask his family and friends for great Christmas Presents for Him.

The following are just a few of the possible gifts for men that suit their varied personalities. We do realize that these may be stereotypes as your boyfriend will have varied interests that make up the totality of his personality. Still, you already have a basic guide to choose the right Christmas presents based on the many aspects of his persona.

• Activist - Your boyfriend is on an eco-friendly crusade for the sake of your future children. Gifts like solar items like chargers and jars; recycled vinyl records in the form of bowls and coasters; organic cotton clothes and linens; and vegetarian food and wine baskets are excellent choices. You may even give him the gift of a working vacation to a green ranch, if that's up his alley.

• Creative Thinker - Your boyfriend will love Christmas Presents for Him that feed on his sense of being a rebel creative thinker. Think along the lines of a vintage camera, Lego architect and robot sets, complete drawing and painting set, sculpture tools and materials, and funky home décor. Even a create-your-own-shirt set is a good idea.

• Geek - Your boyfriend may also be tech geek with a love for gizmos. Your best choices will be smart phones, laptops and other high-tech gadgets that geeks gush over like little boys in a toy shop.

Indeed, you will make The Boyfriend as happy as a clam when your gifts reflect his personality. The fact that it serves a practical function is often a bonus point in your favor.

Right Gift for Your Budget

We will understand if your Christmas Gifts for Him have to follow a budget. Money is tight, after all, and it's always the thought that counts. Fortunately, there are gifts that say "I love you" without saying "I hate my bank account so I will kill it with expensive gifts".

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• $25 and under - Gifts include food baskets, organic tees, custom tie, personalized items, and Swiss Army knife

• $50 and up - Tech gadgets like iPad, laptop and net-book applications, games and accessories are excellent choices. Add in a designer shirt for hood measure.

• $100 and up - Designer clothing items, personal hygiene products and personal accessories are right up your budget. For more pampering, a vacation in the tropics will also make him happy.

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In the end, the best way to determine the best Christmas Presents for Him is to ask if your boyfriend will be happy with the gift even when you consider it cheap. Then, you will be happy, too.