The Loving Version of
Christmas Present for Wife

The loving version of Christmas Present for Wife is more than jewelry, luxury handbags, fashion designer, cosmetics and cologne. The need to position your heart where she wanted is the challenge of this chapter. This article is to help Husband better understanding and to follow the correct path.

Ladies love to talk. They can talk. Sometimes they spend the whole afternoon talking. Worst off if they got you on the phone on a wet week-end, oh my god! They will not let you off if you don’t do anything about it!

I Wish I Know

From man perspective, ladies talk too much. She came home at the end of the day from work. She starts talking as she came through the door. Oh Honey, this is ridiculous I can’t believe it. Mary did not work two days, always late but she got a promotion! What can I do? The Boss likes her.

The Husband in return saying, Quit it. Man loves to make decision, that’s their domineering attitude. However, to his surprise, she reacts fiercely banning things and yelling for no reason as you overwhelm. What a Christmas Presents for Wife?

What you do not know is in fact your loving wife wants to share her day with you. She needs love. She wants relationship. Please understand, she does not want your decision and she knows you NOT Mr. Right at all. She wants you to be on her shoes, empathy. Many times we hear ladies, Why can’t you listen? With tears flooding from her beautiful blue eyes!

The Best Christmas Present for Wife

Ladies wants to talk. She loves to share her opinion. Sharing for ladies are their mode of learning and improving their relationship. Hence the best Christmas Presents for Wife from her dear Husband is to LISTEN and position your loving heart close to her. Listening alone really makes her day.

There are times that there are no secrets according to the left hand side of her brain. Listen, she talks and overflow what she wants to share and miraculously the rough seas faded away to the atmosphere! Unlike man who enters their secret cave; ladies loose it before the end of the day, marvelous!

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Her 7 Code of Ethics are your safe heaven in her daily way of living. Apply them cautiously whenever and wherever appropriate:

1. Hold your lips together – not a single word please

2. Look with passion into her eyes

3. Silently grasp her under your arms

4. Listen carefully for what she says as you two taking your seats

5. You may ah!… ah!…u…m!…while listening to her

6. Your lovely lady now starts to realize that you’re all for her feelings.

7. May be you can say, You being working too hard to-day, kissing her face?

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Hence the best Christmas Present for your Wife first is your loving care and affection. Now then, a new relationship is dawn, let have some Special Christmas Presents to reflect how much she is in your life:
We dearly ask you to contribute to this very well worth Family Course. Share your loving heart here to help other fellow livings. We will publish your contribution on a separate new page and you can edit, update and refer to your families and friends.

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