The New Wave of
Christmas Present for Kids

In this issue, I want to share with you how I raise my children utilizing this concept of Christmas Present for Kids. Toys and games really please them and this article will increase their share in a new wave.

Cultural & Religious Practices

Many parents invest their money in cultural and religious practices hoping for some blessings in return for their growing family(s) They pledge to host great feast after the Church Service to bless their kid’s birthday or they host a big birthday party.

Young families commit to bear certain Church expenses like the hiring of the hall, newspaper distribution, transportation, meet some rent and payments amongst many others.

Good works are definitely noticed and helpful. How much it returns to the family I think the answer lies in personal experiences and the Law of Nature.

I guess we could take another question. Are we religious because of our faith or simply because of cultural practices? The latter seem fit the situation and in need some serious consideration, otherwise a big loss and pure myths.

New Wave of Christmas Present for Kids

So many parents seek my advise on how to invest their money in their son or daughter through a pledge in Church ministry. In other words, they believe, the investment in return for a Godly favors for the Child.

There may be some good practice here if the ministry warranties and home necessities are met.

Jesus asked Peter in John’s Gospel, Peter, do you love me? Yes Lord you know I love you, says Peter. Feed my flock.

Jesus did not want Peter to feed him, instead, he wants his flock. If you love your son, take care of his mother. If you love your daughter, take care of her father. This is simply known as set right-heart placement.

The New Wave of Christmas Gifts for Kids is for you Father to love and take care of his Mother AND for you Mother to love and take care of his Father.

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Let’s face it. In their wedding, Your Father vowed before God to love your Mother unconditionally and so as your Mother to your Father. This is the solid foundation of family life and everything pertained (to that family) are all attached thereto, secret matrimony. Go back in memory (to that very moment) and start living it, kids will be flourishing.

The blessing of a Christmas Present for Kids

Establishing the right-heart placement allows blessing to overflow their kids. In real life, you spend your time, sweat and love on his mother, she in turn pouring that love on your kids. Again, she does the same to you and end at same destination. So, Christ is right and your kids are truly blessed.

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Right now your relationship is in place, the Christmas toys and games come next. Go for creative and learning toys. We dearly ask you to contribute to this very well worth Family Course. Share your loving heart here to help other fellow livings. We will publish your contribution on a separate new page and you can edit, update and refer to your families and friends.

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