Insight Christmas Present for Dad

Christmas Present for Dad would be more pleasing once a better understanding of who he is in his role in the family.

Dad is the Father of the family. He is the figure-head not only for his children but also the head of his wife (Ephesians 5.23)

In this respect, Dad and Father use interchangeably here in this issue.

The Biblical tradition of a Father is so unique in three distinctive ways:

· He carries the blood of the family· He carries the name of the family· He carries the inheritance of the family

Someone sees this from further apart or selfish it may, perhaps. Bear in mind, a decision needs to be made in one way or the other and this is facilitated for such situation. The same applies for family affairs. Hence this is a protection.

Biblical Role of the Father

Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ also love the Church and gave himself for it… (Ephesians 5.25)

There are two important facts emerge:

1. Husbands Loves Your Wives2. Husbands gave his life loving your wives as Christ love the Church – He gave his life…

Love without action is meaningless but kind and sacrifice win. The figure-head of the father works in love and is willing to give-up and give-in as Christ gave his life for the Church.

Christmas Present for Dad from His Wife

Father-head for men is a domineering attitude governs his whole thinking arena. For example, he always think this way: I’m the boss in the house, I’m the decision maker and worst off to say, I’m Mr. Right.

Men always think that he is the main protection of his family. Back in his mind he is the welfare of his house. Again, the success and failure relies on his effort and sweat.

This attitude does not mean he disregards his better half because she is working full-time as well. Not at all, but in need to be aware of male ways of thinking in his own family.

He Enters His Own Cave

When the man of the house strive to achieve something for the family (good or bad unfortunately), he is entering his own cave. This is a strange situation the man of the house introduces. Meaning, his whole world at home changes automatically. He does not talk much only excuses, he does not want to share and even worst at times he does not want to live.

Unfortunately, the man in the cave also does not know what he is behaving and doing inside the home that he is the Father-figure!

What is this? It is manly character when he is striving or engage on a mission.

The First Christmas Presents for Dad from His Wife

During this time, he is not willing to share anything with you and please do not try to find out what he is pursuing; instead, hold his hand at least for a start.

This is totally the opposite for his wife’s attitude. It may sound unfair to poor darling wife, yes it is. However, you must understand how different you are from him (in character). There is no one to help him but you alone, sweet heart!

The best you can do is to be Patient and Supportive.

You may start breaking the ice with a very fine massaging on his back:

Whisper, I love you. I’m here for you. I know you can do it. When you wish to talk, I’m here to listen (Kindly do this in a love caring mood) Up to this time the Man-in-the-Cave should consider his other half and try to come out soon, the sooner the better.

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Dad now starts minding other means of solving his own strive and avoid hurting his own other half.

Other Christmas Present for Dad

Knowing how to cope with him in his cave is well taken, now consider other gifts to meet his type. He is not looking for something for his own but would please gifts that are for all members of the family.

Unlike gifts for husband and boyfriend, Dad loves something for the betterment of him being the Father in the house. Hence, some tools for the garden or snow blower are amongst the best Christmas Present for Dad

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