Save the Unwanted
Christmas Present for Babies

Christmas Present for Babies is where we ignite giving gifts and presents for others. However, there is a great concern of our days as unwanted babies are often found in the rubbish tins or left unattended for their slowly miserable fate. The same applies for abuse, unattended and maltreatment's of babies.

Babies did not choose to come about. The little fellow has no choice in the process. It is your pleasure, carefully plan or the accident of your lust. Ladies in particular (and gentlemen)should vow to take good care of the baby before conceiving her. Do Not Allow Babies to Come to Happen as an Accident. She is a gift/present to receive from the Creator.

Thanks God there are women who are looking forward excitingly to receive the baby once she is conceived. Unfortunately there are still women who are not prepared to take this step seriously.

Christmas Present for Babies – Into her Womb

Medical Health around the world are very much concern the early stages of the baby in the womb. Make sure you attend these pregnancy clinics where baby and mother are constantly checking that they are both healthy.

In order for a healthy baby to be born, mother should at first be healthy. Pregnant mothers should have healthy diet, exercise and plenty of rest, while alcohol and smoking are staying out of the way.

If the Medical Health in your area does not have a clinic for pregnancy, leave the area at early stage of pregnancy. Go somewhere they support this life saving program.

Parents are aware the mode and character of the baby is developed in the womb. Mind you the nine months the mother carries the baby is not as easy as one may think, especially not hurting her during this time. Hence, the moral support and company of the father is very helpful.

Christmas Present for Babies – Welcome to Planet Earth

1. Baby Shower – This is warm welcome attitude and sharing. Pregnant and after birth ladies are coming together with different gifts and presents for the new baby.

Families and friends are coming together in this party to present their gifts but more importantly is the sharing of ideas and skill of upbringing and taking care of babies.

2. Health issues –Make sure your baby have these shots before three months old:small box, tetanus & polio. If these are not available, go to another country where they have. This is the most important Christmas Present for Babies that you ever give. Save his life.

3. Equip his Life – We need to create baby’s life at early stages. For example, we want him to have a faith. Have him baptize and take to church every Sunday. You may take him to Shaolin Temple. Start his education journey; buy books and read to him. You may buy creative books for example.

Christmas Present for Babies – Support

Recent report here in New Zealand found children who spend long hours in the Care Center are furious, easily angry and aggressive.

Parents need to have some plan for this. Baby(s) deserve the best of upbringing and the like. There is no better care giver to look after and bring up your child but only you, mother and father.

Mother bear the heavy of this responsibility and she takes maternity leave as long as she can from her employer. A decent husband at this time take good care of her lovely wife and support her morally and mentally as well on the top of his house cleaning responsibility.

Christmas Present for Babies – Work at Home Moms

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1. Thou shalt Love the Lord Thy God with all thy Heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength.

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10. Thou Shalt Love Thee Christmas Present for Babies

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