My Eternal Christmas
Gifts for Mother

Christmas Gifts for mother is the easiest of all the Christmas gifts’ shopping to find and buy for the Holiday Season. Mothers are always open eyes with very big smiles when she receives whatever from their own child. It is a very proud moment of her life.

Children Sometimes Mistaken

Children often take for granted the tirelessly loving heart of their mother; since the nine month in the womb to how many years now!. She is there 24/7 365 day to take care of her own child. The main problem of all mothers is that they could not limit how far they can go with their own child, spoiling. She also love and always care to her very end.

Many of us kids imply that affection and her concern, Don’t worry, she will be alright, Mom is always like that, She can’t do that to you… The truth of the matter here is that you end up disobeying and not respecting your mother.

Christmas Gifts for Mother

The most brilliant Christmas Gifts for Mother from her children are clearly stated in the Bible: Obey and Honor your parents. Obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right. Honor your father and mother, which is the first commandment with promise…you may live long on the earth(Ephesians 6.1-3)

Nowadays we live in a commercial world and learn how to live a good life in such circumstances. We follow the super stars & celebrities, they are our models. We copy the way they do things as we want to be on the same boat; make plenty money, fame, beautiful and live longer.

Exactly the same philosophy why Obedience is so central in life and is the most Christmas Gifts for mother will prefer and expect off you. They being there in life and done that and now it is a blessing for kids to obey her directions and instructions as is the most appropriate way for one to live and follow (at least for mom experience).

When we are obeying our parents, we reap the rewards. What they have in return is a pleasing satisfaction but such feeling will take her to eternityShe got the confident that we are living a better life

Honor your Mother and Father. (Ex. 20.12; Eph.6.3) Each and every human experience what our parents are doing…Pouring love and goodness for us children. This is endless and never expect something in return.

Outside the family environment is the blessing of the Mother Land. Mother Land gives us human all its goodness for free: air we breath, land to live and eat, water to drink, the beauty and richness of nature etc. We human beings set a standard of living to do good thing in return to our Mother Land.

The same respect the Bible wants us to do to our parents, Respect them. Meaning, we Children look after the parents up to the very end. They do have share in our everything

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Other cultures take this principal further where parents pre-arrange the marriage of their children. They know exactly what this life is all about and they want their children to enjoy the most of that life and even better than themselves. Whether you like the pre-marital arrangement or not, the point is, you need their voices and are sure blessing.

How Did I know these Gifts?

I lost my lovely warm hearted Biblical mother, Milika Kauikaiti Vuki Fatai some twenty years ago (to the date of this writing) and I’m steadfast hold obeying and honoring her and my father, Reverend Vili Fatai Koli till we meet again. There voices are still echo in mine ears and heart. They always confess the truth of the Bible and are now praising the Lord (on the other site) on my behalf

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Say this prayer with me, praising Lord for the life of your Mother:

Thank you Lord for the life of my mother

She receives you into her heart

And she loves me so much as you love her

Thank you for her gifts from the Bible

She teaches me to obey thy words

And she takes mine with her to Eternity till we meet again

In Jesus name, Amen

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1. Thou shalt Love the Lord Thy God with all thy Heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength.

In life, we must set our heart right with our Creator. Love Him with all of your heart as Christmas Presents and Gifts

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9. Thou Shalt Love Thee Christmas Present for Kids

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