Christmas Birthday Presents

Christmas Birthday Presents for the child with a birthday presents seem endless! A Horn of Plenty! But then the child grows. Suddenly, it becomes clear that Christmas birthdays are not so fun! People tend to shortchange you if your birthday is around Christmas. They tend to be broke! People try to save money, too. They think they’re frugal. They combine Christmas presents and birthday presents. But that’s actually not frugal. It’s a let-down to the recipient.

If you’re buying Christmas Presents, take heed. A December birthday is no excuse to be cheap. An early January birthday is no excuse, either. Yes, money can be a problem at Christmas. You spend so much for Christmas. Not only do gifts cost money. You spend a lot on holiday decorations. You spend a lot on holiday food. You may spend a lot to travel. And--you’re worn out. Concentrating on someone’s birthday may be way down on your list. But if you love this person, they’re worth it.

Christmas Birthday Presents require planning. You know the person’s birthday is near Christmas (or on it). Why are you waiting? Why not buy their presents in April? Why not July? Are you worried you won’t get the latest thing at those times? Don’t worry. They’ll get the latest thing as Christmas presents! For their Christmas birthday presents, they will be happy to get good stuff. They’re probably used to feeling cheated. All they want is something just for birthday. The “Christmas birthday” combo tag is no good.

What if you never thought of this before? What can you do for this year now? The most important thing: don’t be cheap. If you failed to plan financially, don’t panic. There are strategies to use.

Look for special sales. Many sales start being run right after Thanksgiving. Go out of your way to find them. This might mean buying “quirky” birthday presents. So what? Surprise the person! What’s wrong with solar-powered lanterns?

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Look for Birthday Christmas Presents that keep on giving. What does that mean? Well, does the person love to read? Get them a book club subscription. These always sell the first books dirt cheap as an intro. But, those books are brand new! Give those books along with the subscription. You can do the same with music clubs.

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Does the person have a passionate hobby? Do they play the guitar? Do they love handyman stuff? Do they garden? Do they love computers? Do they love photography? Get magazine subscriptions for them about their hobby. These are very affordable and they have a present every month for a whole year!In future years, buy the Christmas Birthday Presents months in advance. But if you didn’t this year, use the strategies outlined.

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