Boyfriend Gift Ideas: He Will Remember

Boyfriend Gift Ideas abound online so much so that you can have one gift for every day of the year and beyond. After all, men are often easier to please than women in most instances. Even when the gift is not to your boyfriend's liking, he may just suck it up and pretend to like it.

But why torture yourself with plenty of gift ideas and your boyfriend with plenty of gifts gone awry? You can always choose to give gifts based on his personality. In this way, your gifts are practical on one hand and thoughtful on the other hand.

Metro sexual

Your boyfriend likes to be prepped up, primped up, and dressed up. In short, he just likes to look good by taking good care of his skin, dressing up well and smelling like a hunk. If that's the case, you are one lucky girlfriend if only because Boyfriend Gift Ideas are aplenty in this department.

You can get a designer clothes from his favorite clothing line; latest expensive perfumes from the likes of Polo and Calvin Klein; luxury shoes from Paul Smith; and even jewelry for men. Your basic criterion is that the gift must make your boyfriend look, smell and feel good. You can then be proud to have him in your arms, literally.

Tech Geek

Let's start with the Boyfriend Gift Ideas for the tech geek. You have so many options to choose from each year simply because technology changes so fast. Think along the lines of smart phones from Nokia, Samsung and Apple; video game systems like the Kinect Xbox 360 and Wii; digital cameras and recorders; laptops and net books with advanced applications; and just about every possible gizmo in the market.

Your boyfriend will be in seventh heaven. Now, all you have to worry about is how to get him away from his new toys.

Sports Lover

We know of a very few men who are not into sports in one form or another. Baseball, basketball, football, soccer, boxing, mixed martial arts - just name the sport and ideas for the perfect gifts crop up easily. Well, of course, you must know exactly what type of sports our man likes the best and then buy the best gift for it.

For example, if your boyfriend is a San Francisco Giants fan, then a commemorative item for the team's recent World Series championship will have him eating out of your hands. Or if it football, then a new football with the signatures of his favorite players is a great choice.

Car Enthusiast

For the car enthusiast, the Boyfriend Gift Ideas may be on the expensive side if and when his idea of a great gift is a new Ferrari. Unless you have the money for it, selling all your possessions just to buy him a new car is, well, nuts. You can buy affordable gifts and still make him happy.

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Think along the lines of fashionable and functional car accessories. A car DVD player, a car stereo system, a high-tech GPS navigation set and a new set of seat covers in German leather are great gift ideas, too.

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Indeed, with these Boyfriend Gift Ideas based on your honey's interests, the kisses with and without the mistletoe are in your near future.