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Birthday Presents Christmas Presents? Which should you spend the “big bucks” on this year? Ah, but why choose, you ask yourself. Birthday presents. Christmas presents. How about the famed combination present? Birthday and Christmas all in one! Isn’t that special?

Well, not really. Maybe if you’re buying for a six-year-old. Maybe if her birthday is just a day before or a day after Christmas. Then it might seem like “never ending presents” to her. But for the adult with the birthday close to Christmas? No. It’s a way of copping out. One and the same? Would you do that to him if his birthday were in August? Of course not.

Yes, yes, it’s hard. Christmas time is exciting. Christmas time is expensive. Christmas time is exhausting. It’s not the easiest thing to think of someone’s birthday during this season. It’s not the easiest thing to have the money for good birthday gifts.

But--they’re worth it. Another birthday is not about you. It’s about them. Just because it’s Christmas doesn’t change that fact. You would find the way to buy good gifts in Summer. So. You need to find the way now, too.

What can you do? Well, here’s the best strategy: buy far in advance. Months in advance. Who says you need to wait until Black Friday or later? Birthday presents? Christmas Presents? Which to buy? Buy both. Buy the Christmas presents closer to Christmas. Buy the birthday presents months in advance. Yes, that’s right. Even for the Christmas-time birthday presents.

If you shop for the birthday presents christmas presents months in advance, you take away the pressure. You take away the need for penny-pinching. Pick out things that you know the recipient will love. These should be timeless things. There’s no need for them to be in line with shopping trends. You can just buy the Christmas presents for that. The birthday presents don’t have to conform to that. Make them of a different nature. There are things to think about:

Recipient’s favorite hobbies.

Recipient’s health sense.

Recipient’s exercise lifestyle.

Recipient’s favorite exercise machine.

Recipient’s favorite workouts.

Recipient’s favorite types of books.

Recipient’s career. Career is often a great guide for choice of birthday presents.

If it helps, you can divide birthday presents from Christmas presents thematically. Birthday presents can be bought for more personal reasons. Meanwhile, buy for Christmas in more seasonal-adjusted ways. This can make it all more fun and interesting for you, too. And that means you’ll do better at shopping. You’ll be interested. You’ll be personally involved.

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Birthday presents? Christmas presents? Please, don’t combine them. Buy distinctly for the different great days. Show the recipient that s/he matters. If you didn’t this year, next year buy well in advance of the holiday season.

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