Birthday Gifts Christmas Presents?

For Birthday Gifts Christmas Presents are often doubled up for a person like this. Not so for someone with a birthday near Christmas. But you see, they want birthday gifts. Christmas presents labeled “Christmas-Birthday” don’t cut it.

Others get birthday gifts. Then, they get Christmas presents, too. This is wonderful for them. This is how it is for most people. But the poor Capricorns often get short shrift. People buy them “dual purpose” gifts. Their Christmas presents are great. Their birthday presents are cheap. Or, the other way around. Their birthday presents are great. Their Christmas presents are cheap, or they just don’t get many. This spoils the seasonal celebration.

It’s important to make efforts. Efforts to make Christmas birthday gifts the same as others. Birthday gifts at Christmas should be the same as if they were for mid-Summer birthdays. Don’t use Christmas as an excuse to go cheap on birthday gifts. It’s not fair. Yes, it seems hard. Money is tightest at Christmas. If only their birthday were in May! Well, that’s a place to start. Why not shop for the birthday presents in May? You’ve got money then. You’re not under pressure then. Give the gifts at Christmas time, sure. But why wait until then to buy?

Some think they’ll not buy good Christmas-time birthday gifts in Spring or Summer, or even Fall. What if the trend is different in December? What if the hot gadget is not out until just before Christmas? Stop worrying. Buy them the hot gadget just for Christmas. Buy on the trend in December--for Christmas. Take care of the birthday well in advance. Get them something personal and special then. They will love it! They’ll love getting good gifts for their birthday for once!

But you might not have thought of this for this year. So what can you do now? Now you know: those poor Capricorns want real birthday gifts. Christmas presents should not be combined with them. Don’t worry. There are a few tricks left to you. Even this year.

Buy food as presents. One thing that’s constantly on sale at Christmas time is gourmet food. Give something delicious and edible for the birthday this year. Often you can find food that comes in reusable tins or containers. Just make the containers non-Christmas in theme.

Do discount shopping. There are online discount “stores” these days. There are department stores that specialize in discounts, too. For the birthday this year, find the unexpected. Save the wish list presents for the Christmas gifts.

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The most important thing: show that you care. Don’t be cheap. Birthday gifts? Christmas presents? Why should there have to be a choice? Buy quality for both great days--not just one or the other.

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