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Birthday Christmas Presents are a double-edged sword…for both receiver and giver. Birthday Presents are far too often used as an excuse to short-change the recipient who is having his birthday on or near Christmas. ‘These are your Birthday Christmas Presents’ is heard far too often by people such as this who came into the world just shortly before or after, or right on the same day, as Christmas. Was it their fault? No.

The gift-givers don’t consciously mean to be cheap. But let’s face it. Christmas is the most expensive time of the year for most people. Retailers look forward to Christmas all year long. It’s the time when they go ‘into the black’. That’s why the day after Thanksgiving is called Black Friday. It’s known to be the biggest Christmas shopping day of the year. People might subconsciously short-change the birthday girl. They may not buy for her as lavishly as they would if her birthday were, say, June 21st.

Hence, How can we best deal with someone whose birthday is on or very near Christmas? How can you get him good Birthday Christmas Presents without short-changing him?

One method is to go shopping for next year’s birthday right after this year’s Christmas. That’s when the biggest sales of the year are run. Stores are now trying to get rid of all their excess merchandise. They need to rid themselves of the stuff that is now out of season. Post-Christmas sales are replete with some incredible bargains on quality goods.

You can buy the Christmas Presents for next year at that time. You’ll be able to find things that fit the Christmas season. But these things will be very affordable. Even if you’re broke from this year’s holiday shopping, you’ll be able to afford them. Just make some of them into next year’s birthday gifts.

Another approach is to buy only big-ticket for Birthday Presents. At least when you say Christmas-Birthday on the tag, it’s something really good! You might buy more presents, but at lower prices for each, for someone else with a Spring birthday. At least find a great holiday deal on a big-ticket item for a dual purpose present.

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If you can’t afford big-ticket items as gifts, but also didn’t buy the Christmas presents in advance, the best thing this year is to look for sales during the holiday season. People with Christmas season birthdays do get let down quite often. If you have not already, in the future budget for them way ahead of time. Imagine their birthday is months before Christmas. What would you buy them at that time? Buy it. Then you can spend more on them for their Birthday Xmas Presents.

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