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Bad Christmas Presents seem to come around now and then and there are some gifts out there that no one really wants. While it is the thought that really counts when you are buying gifts for Christmas, you don't want to give a bad gift that no one will use or appreciate.

If you're not sure what constitutes a good gift or a bad gift, you definitely need to learn more about the gifts that should not be given to anyone on your list. Here is a look at top gifts that no one really wants to open up this year. Keep this list in mind and avoid buying these gifts.

One of the Bad Christmas Presents that you shouldn't give anyone this year is a set of microphone tongs. No one should be singing into their tongs when serving up a salad in the first place. It may seem funny at first glance, but this isn't a gift that most people want to open on Christmas morning.

Another of the bad presents to avoid is known as smoker mittens. These mittens are designed to allow you to put the cigarette through a small hole so they can smoke while keeping their hands warm. No doubt, you want to avoid being a part of someone Else's bad habit, so it's best to leave these mittens where they are and avoid enabling anyone you know.

The pet petter is one of those bad presents that you definitely should never buy anyone. Who needs something to pet their pets for them anyway? If you don't want to pet your pet, you probably shouldn't have a pet in the first place. Of course, this is just a prank gift and there is really nothing in it. However, why would you want to pay for an empty box in the first place.

You'll also want to avoid purchasing a beer candle for those on your list. Most people who love candles don't want them to look like a beer. On the other hand, most people who like beer won't want one that is actually a candle. Save your money and just avoid this gift altogether.

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You definitely have to draw the line at a stuffed bed bug. While some stuffed animals are adorable, this is just one of the Bad Christmas Presents you need to avoid because it's scary, not adorable. No one with an ounce of sanity is going to want to cuddle with a bed bug in the first place.

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There are many Bad Christmas Presents out there. Sometimes it's astounding to find out how many of this ridiculous gifts actually are purchased and given each year. Spare your friends and family the frustration of having to open any of these gifts. Choose something that is tasteful this year and just avoid this list of gifts to avert a Christmas disaster.