Ever Christmas Presents
for Husbands

I hold this issue to ever Christmas Presents for Husbands on the premises to help wives with better understanding of her husband mindset and attitudes. Knowing how he thinks give way for better relationship you always dream about.

Love Beyond the Horizontal Expectation - Ladies

Ladies are dearly decent and love their husbands beyond reasonable doubt and sometimes ruin the identity of her man. Most of the time they want to see everything is right to her husband. She checks almost what comes to mind.

When the husband is about to leave home; go to work, meetings or Church on Sundays she asks: Have you done your teeth? Are you taking this laptop? Why not this Suit? This tie matches your shirt, Are you taking your lunch? Etc etc

When she comes back from work, she asks: Have you got the dinner? How about the washing? Did you do the lawn? Vacuum the house and bathing the kids and so on and so forth you have it. Don’t shut me now, read on please

The Ever Christmas Presents for Husbands

He is the love of your life and also that you vowed to love and to cherish unconditionally. Hence the best Christmas you can offer dear wife is to STOP mothering him.

When you drive your man crazy like that, he thinks about his own mother. His mom is the only person a man allow to act like that but I doubted this time as you now grown up! However, man at the same time draws nearer to her and further apart from the woman he vowed for

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Husbands Partners should not mistaken this part as to why your dear wife is behaving this way. They do not need your job nor to co-partner, not at all. Women are different from men and this is how they want to express how much she loves you. She dearly love you young man. And they want to be part of your life.

Sometimes ladies want to show-off how much their husband can do for them even in the eyes of other people; she interrupts while he is talking for example. This is known the SIN Christmas Presents for Husband, please do away.

The Ever Exciting Way for this Christmas Presents for Husbands

We offer only what is best for the recipient not what we want to give away. Sometimes we give away what we don’t use, no way, give him what you love to have and that will be a nice Christmas Presents for Husbands. That is dear Wife, submit yourself to your husband (Ephesians 5.22) and divorce yourself from being overflowing bla! bla! bla!. That is your second Christmas Present for your dear husband.

Submitting yourself to your husband is the ever most exciting Christmas Presents for Husbands from you dear lovely wife. There is nothing to compare in life when this comes to happen. Manna erupts in this fellowship and is the reason of getting marriage: To co-create with God in His creation, bearing offspring and to avoid committing adultery.

The Godly feeling in this occasion is that you reflect the fellowship of the Holy Spirit, the unity of love experiences.

This ‘manna’ needs to happen at least three times a week! Contemporary reports say this is not at the healthy level and care should be taken. This encourages the next level of the relationship and is good for health at the same time if you are not up with your workouts.

Let me emphasis this point one more time. There are millions of families come to an adversary situation ending in divorce due to lack of this happenings and fellowship at home. Your man is not satisfied! Submit yourself for the sake of the Bible please.

Needless to mention that males’ desire are more than females. She could claim that he had so many christmas presents. Hey the more the better.

Sometimes the infrequency occurred due to the absent of proper skills and experiences.

Therefore young lady, be alert for this well worth course and eliminate excuses to headache and not feeling well. Equip yourself with the right tool and advance to the next level. Dr. John Gray has published some down to earth exciting ways to elevate you high.

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Now you are reviving the relationship or a new one is dawn, celebrate and reward him for being your husband and best friend. Do not fall into buying those soft gift, get him the best.

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